23/03/2015 – A quick one round Wheata

I got back from a rather fantastic trip to Scotland yesterday (blog post here if anyone’s interested!), and had booked today off work to chill out a bit after a rather knackering few days. After lunch I decided to have a poke round Wheata Wood to see what I could find.

Signs of spring were few and far between, with just a couple of snowdrops up, and singing dunnocks and a drumming great spotted woodpecker. Scrutinising the remainder of the winter finch and bunting flock occupied most of my time, hoping for some late bramblings, but none were forthcoming among the 15+ yellowhammer, 30+ chaffinch and few reed bunting.



Also around were 4+ stock dove, a yickering kestrel somewhere around, and a goldcrest working the treetops as I was scanning the finches. The song thrush below also posed nicely for a picture.




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